Utah Finds the Stairway
By Teresa Michaud

It is a very stormy day. The wind is howling and strong. I hear the wind in the chimney on the kitchen wood stove. It is making a hissing sound as it has such a strong pull. The heat is radiating from the stove and the room feels cozy and warm. I am wearing a pair of sheep slippers. It is a sheep sitting on each one of my feet. They are facing forward. Each one wearing a warm red and black plaid bonnet with holes for their floppy ears to go through.They also have a matching plaid coat that has a nice fleece collar with big fleece pompoms where the buttons should be. These sheep are keeping my feet nice and warm while I do my morning chores around the house. Schools were canceled yesterday. If today wasn't Good Friday, schools certainly would have been closed again. The wind is whipping up a storm. Raymond went to milk the cows over at his father's farm about four kilometers away. He had to take his huge 'White' tractor. This is a four wheel drive tractor equipped with a 9' blower on the back. He called a short while ago and told me that he tried and he can't make it back home yet.

There is more snow now than - I can't remember when. As a child in the 60s, I remember high banks of snow almost up to the electrical wires. Of course the poles were not quite as high as they are now and as a child everything always seemed to be taller.
Every summer I would take the children for picnics. We always hiked through a field so that we would feel a little closer to nature. As we worked our way through the tall grass, I teased, "When I was a child the grass used to be taller than my head, now it only goes to my elbows!" They would all chime in together "The grass IS taller than my head!" Now I have to wait for some grand children so that I can try that line on them.

I do have a baby to tease. One of my doe goats had twin boys. She only accepted one of them. I guess she felt that one was all that she could handle for now. After a couple of days holding her so that Utah, the rejected kid, could fill his tummy; I decided that I would have to bottle feed him. Utah lives with the goats so that he can still be a part of the group. He learns to do goat things and learns to avoid the big goats. He also hangs out with his twin brother. His mother tolerates him but does not mother him at all.

Mom and Dad came over wednesday night. They are both in their 80s and very active. They wanted to see the baby goats. It was time to give Utah his evening milk before he goes to bed for the night. He is only a week and a half old so I figured there would be no harm in bringing him into the house and letting him hop around a little in the kitchen. The stairway is located in the kitchen. He immediately found the steps to go upstairs. He walked up the first and second step and paused. He looked at us and then went up one more step to the landing. He walked around a little on the landing and looked at us again. Then there was a mischievous twinkle in his eye and up the steps he went. Dad was right there and went after him. He brought him back down and I gave Utah his bottle of milk. We petted him a little and off he went hopping around the kitchen and down the hall and back. He looked as if he had springs in his knees. Then he zooomed up the steps again. Dad was hot on his heels. A couple of minutes later Dad returned with Utah in his arms. "Boy, he is some busy." he exclaimed.
I guess it's time to put the baby to bed.